About Us


As a leading UK retailer of artificial and faux plants, greenery and trees, we’re known for providing top quality products to a number of customers and clients across the UK. Not only is the quality of our faux plants to the highest standards but our flowers, greenery, plants and trees are also 100% botanically accurate.


As a supplier of quality faux plants, at Grass World we’re committed to supplying realistic looking greenery that’s long lasting and durable, as well as being competitively priced. All of our products are produced with authenticity and quality, as well as being accurately designed with real plants in mind. As well as top of the range artificial products, we also pride ourselves on providing kind, helpful and efficient services, whether it’s for your home or commercial space, our team will be more than happy to provide advice and help you to choose the best artificial plants, flowers and trees for your property.


Based online, we aim to streamline to artificial plant buying process and go further for each and everyone of our customers by being on hand whenever they need assistance. What’s more is we are constantly developing our product links and ranges, making sure that we provide our customers and clients with artificial plants that don’t only look great, but are value for money and maintenance free. At Grass World we really are experts when it comes to artificial plants, there’s no need to consider another faux plant firm, we’ve got you covered.


The foliage we use is very carefully selected and imported directly from the manufacturer thus avoiding any middle man costs and ensuring we are delivering top quality products at the lowest possible price.


At Grass World one of our greatest assets is our team of artificial planting specialists which offer a fantastic service to customers. Pick up the phone and speak to one of them if you would like information on any of the products, if you would like something bespoke designing or if you don't know what you would like, you can use our complementary design service.


What makes Grass World is that we can guarantee your product will keep shape, colour and look for 3 years! Such the quality of material used, our outdoor models can withstand the harshest of conditions